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Year 5

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In English and SPaG this term, the children are going to be analysing and using the short story Beowulf as their stimulus for their learning. I have attached this text so that if you wish you can read and discuss this story with your children, this will have a positive effect on their in class learning.

Week 2-
This week, the children will be introduced to the story and be internalising the text and it’s structure. We will be focussing on which features the author has used and their effect on the story and the reader and how the children can replicate this in their own writing. 

Week 3-
This week, the children will be continuing to be internalising the story, whilst exploring the different ways the can ensure their writing is cohesive and clear for the reader to understand. Near the end of the week, we will be looking closely at the skills require to edit their writing. Editing effectively is an extremely difficult skill, so we will be giving the children a number of different strategies for identifying errors and improving their writing.

Week 4-
This week, the children will be given an opportunity to innovate and improve the story of Beowulf. They will be collaboratively as a class be planning, writing and editing their own short story. This shared style of learning is very important in preparing the children for the task of completing their own independent story. It allows the children to share ideas and discuss their thinking and choices.

Week 5-
This week, the children are going to be applying all they have learnt by planning and writing their own short story. This is a really exciting week where the children can shine and show off all they have learnt and their own personality.

Week 6-
This week, the children will be completing the vital stage of editing their writing. They will be completing this first independently, then with the support of their peers and lastly with guidance from their class teacher. Once this process is complete, they will be publishing and illustrating their final version. 

Over the last few weeks our focus in maths has been 'Discovering Equivalence'. We have been investigating and comparing fractions, looking at mixed and improper fractions and converting between the two. 

Last week we linked our understanding of fractions to decimals, using 10 or 100 as a denominator. We are now moving onto percentages (%) and investigating how we can link this to decimals and fractions. We will also apply this understanding to solve problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages. 

The Environment

We have had a great start to the term. Through looking at our impact on the environment, we have been focusing on recycling and reusing things. All the old materials sent in have brilliantly been transformed into practical and purposeful bags, which could be used in replacement of plastic bags that can fill up landfills. 
Next, we will be looking at different views on the environment and comparing these with our own. 


Our swimming sessions are underway at Plymouth Life Centre. The children have coped very well with the walk to and from the centre everyday, and have been working hard during their sessions. Groups in the pool are flexible, and we really would encourage the children to truly show what they can do. Some of the swimming groups have also had the opportunity to showcase their diving skills on the springboards in the diving pool!

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