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Spryte Dance Company


We are very proud of the success of Dance Company A last year being the only primary school to perform at the Theatre Royal as part of the U Dance. Therefore, we will continue to grow and improve our dance skills.

I am delighted that we now have a Dance Company B to join Dance Company A on exploring new ideas, new dance techniques as well as developing our choreography skills.

Both companies are working on three exciting compositions, which we hope to perform in the near future. Watch this space ...

Ms. Guswell


We will commence Dance Company next Friday 13th January in the hall as usual. We will begin with Dance Company B.


Finally, Company B has finished their 'Nightmare' dance - well done everyone. When we meet again on Friday 10th March, remember to bring a bucket and cloth/brush as we will choreograph the musical theatre piece: 'It's a hard knock life' from 'Annie'.

Company A - remember to bring tap shoes to complete more of 'Singing in the Rain'. We shall also be starting a musical theatre piece.

Thank you.

Ms. Guswell


This week, it will be Dance Company A and B. We will continue to work on our musical theatre piece from 'Annie'. Please bring a plastic bucket and cloth. We will run a few other numbers as well. look forward to seeing you all there, except farm people of course!


This week, it will be both Company A and B. If you can bring a bucket and cloth. We will be running all dances and finishing our musical theatre piece.

Ms. Guswell

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