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Drama Company will begin in the Summer Term 2015.

Ms. Guswell


I am going to name the Drama Company 'The Hyde Park Players'.  I hope you like it!

We have had two meetings so far and I have been impressed with the standard of acting.Tomorrow (13th May) we will begin the audition process as we need to cast the play 'Romeo and Juliet' over the next two weeks. The audition will be in the form of workshops - no-one will be put on the spot to perform on their own. Be confident and enjoy yourself!  BREAK-A-LEG!


Everyone did an AMAZING audition, you are all so talented. This proved casting this play very difficult. 

'Romeo and Juliet' CAST LIST

Prince  Immy T.
Paris   Laurie A.
Old Montague  Libby T.
Old Capulet  Elodie S.
Romeo  Leala M.
Mercutio  Erin M.
Benvolio  Frankie H.
Tybalt  Miao LC
Juliet  Josephine R.
Nurse to Juliet   Harmony M.
Lady Montague  Rebecca H.
Lady Capulet  Leah A.
Friar Lawrence Sebastian P.
Friar John  Laurie S.
Balthasar  Amber N.
Page  Ashton
Searcher Phoebe W.
Servant 1   Georgia G.
Servant 2   Freya VB.
Servant 3   Eloise T.
Hired servant Rhiannon H.

Narrators as Reporters, servants, watchmen etc...

Maddie L.
Meagan C.
Catrin R.
Victoria MG
Eleanor N.
Jake B.
Laurie D.
Maisie W.
Isobel H.

Servants 1, 2 and 3 plus narrators/reporters etc as well as Rebecca M and Phoebe W. will need to come and see me please to clarify your lines (lots of them!) in my classroom at break time tomorrow.

Please note that minor parts will be part of the chorus as well.

Well done everyone - get learning those lines over the half-term.

Thank you.

Ms. Guswell


Please note that there will be a cast workshop on the 16th October. Time and venue to be confirmed. Also our performance of 'Romeo and Juliet' at the Barbican Theatre will be 20th November, 2015.


Try and look at sequence two for this week's rehearsal.  Thank you. Ms. Guswell

September, 2015.

Just a note to say that Drama Company will be on the first week back - Wednesday 9th September 3:30 - 5pm in the Junior Hall.  I hope you all know your lines! Time is running out!

Ms. G.


The rehearsal today gave me hope! It is looking much better and transitions between are clearer. Still need to work on projecting your voices and making sure that you are secure with your lines as there will be no prompt! See you all Wednesday and we will try to run it through three times with all props in place. Thank you for your hard work today. 

Ms. Guswell


I am in the process of booking a coach to take us to and back from the Barbican Theatre on Friday 20th November. We will leave from school at approximately 9:50 and return about 1pm. You will need your costume for the dress rehearsal and a drink (water only) and some snacks. Also, have a packed lunch back at school to eat when we return from the Barbican Theatre. Please have your costumes with you.

You need to return to the Barbican Theatre for the evening performance between 5:30pm and 5:50pm ready for a whole company warm up at 6pm. Performances will start at 7pm. There are three school performing - we do not know an order yet!

Thank you.

Ms. G.

Ticket update. I went to collect the tickets last week, but the person who deals with tickets was not available. I hope to be able to have them by this Wednesday, so your child will have a final letter regarding Friday's dress and technical rehearsals and evening performance details as well as your ticket!

Thank you.

Ms. G


Thank you for being so amazing last night! I am now looking into a venue for a further performance of 'Romeo and Juliet' so that more family and friends can enjoy your performance. We will meet next Wednesday after school as normal. We will add a few extra scenes in and play lots of Drama games! Look forward to seeing you then!


Congratulations to the Tempest Team for a fantastic performance of Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. It was part of the Schools Shakespeare Festival at the Barbican Theatre. The cast had a standing ovation and they went down a storm!

Prospero and Trinculo Teams will be performing their improvised versions of 'The Tempest' on Wednesday 14th December in the morning. Break-a-leg!

Drama Company will resume next term. I will hold an audition workshop during a lunch time - details to follow shortly.

Ms. Guswell 


Congratulations to both Prospero and Trinculo teams for putting on a great improvised version of 'The Tempest'. I am very proud of you all.

Enjoy Christmas and the holiday break.

Ms. Guswell


Drama Company will commence this term. I just need to find a space that is free, so watch this space and I will let you know.  There will be audition workshops as there will be only 30 places available for Drama Company. It is open to all year groups. I will send a message around soon regarding the audition workshops.

Thank you.

Ms. Guswell.


Drama audition workshop on Thursday 9th March in the junior hall at 12:15 - 12:45. All year groups welcome. It would be better to bring a packed lunch on this day. I won't put anyone on the spot as it will be improvised group work. I only have 30 places available and I will let you know by letter if you have gained a place, or if you have been placed on the waiting list. Drama Company will run on Fridays 3:30 - 4:45 commencing 17th March. Sorry that I can not accommodate you all.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Ms. Guswell.


I enjoyed our first meeting and you are definitely a talented bunch. This week, we will be focusing on our improvisational skills as well as creating ideas around our surf man story. Remember, you can bring comfy clothes to wear as well as bringing a small snack and drink of water.  Look forward to seeing you all on Friday, except Farm people of course!


We will commence Drama Company this week. Look forward to seeing you there. 

Ms. Guswell

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